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my name is hannah and this is my journal
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I’m leaving in a few minutes to take my driving test holy wow I’m so nervous wish me luck y’all

Yesterday my older sister had her med school white coat ceremony which made for a very taxing day with my family.  However, on the bright side it rained for the majority of the day, my eyebrows were on point, and I listened to loads of Tallest Man on Earth that dressed my sadness to perfection.

When I got home, Ging rescued me from a fight with my mom and the two of us went to get coffee (don’t tell my boss I cheated on her with Starbucks bc we were closed).  After, we went back to my house and hung out and talked while I painted until really really late then she spent the night.  Times with my best friend are always inexplicably happy, if happiness is being fully wrapped in your truest identity with the utmost comfort and safety.

This morning my mom made me skip xc because my hip has been hurting so I got an extra hour of sleep then I went to art (where I finished my painting for good and I don’t really think it’s good but I’ll post it if y’all want to see it) then to work for a 6 hour shift.  My favorite person to work with was back from vacation and we were a bit slower so it was lots of fun to mostly hang out.  I’m fully trained on register and nearly on bar now which is v exciting.

After work Ging took me to our friend Megan’s house for Rachel’s surprise welcome home party (Rachel went to a month-long academic program because she’s a genius and I missed her like I would oxygen, lemme tell you).  We have different friend groups so Ging and I were a bit like outsiders but Rachel’s friends are lovely as all get-out.  Also, one of our best friends from grade school named Libby was there (Ging, Libby, Rachel, and I were an unstoppable girl gang back in the day) so it was a good time in every way.  The highlight of the evening was a several hour long game of Cards Against Humanity, involving copious amounts of sadistic jokes, undercooked brownies, and sore ribs from laughing.

Hope y’all had a good start to your week.  I’m going to the doctor tomorrow for my hip so fingers crossed it goes okay xx


My instagram is actually for personal use, etc. and I like to dissasociate my personal identity with this account so I’d prefer if you used my URL if you don’t mind.  It means the world that you thought to ask first and for that I thank you xx

Have a lovely week!

This is an attempt to slow everything down because recently things have been frightfully fast.

I start school in 2 weeks and Alex in a little less than a month.  I don’t want my last summer of high school to end.  Not because I’m content with my position in life necessarily - because believe me I do know that the transition to college means a way out - but because everything at the moment is simple, lovely, and uncomplicated and I want to hold onto it.  I go to cross country at 7:30; I go to art at 8:30; I go to work at 11:30.  Sometimes Alexandra picks me up and we scrounge up some odd combination of change and gift cards and go to lunch.  Sometimes Marley picks me up and we have a family dinner at her house or listen to records and stick our feet in the pool or sit at the park.  Sometimes Alex picks me up and we drive across the bridge to his place or downtown to the record store, listening to “Riptide” by Vance Joy and The Orwells’ new record over and over and over again until they fill us up to the brim.

I want to hold onto this.

But like I said I’m ready to be out.  I’m ready for things to no longer be safe because I’m ready to grow and stretch myself nearly beyond recognition.  I want to change and learn and create and know and I know that this can only truly begin at a satisfying rate when I’m out of this house and away from my family in an environment that suits me best.  I have these things to look forward to.

So this is me slowing things down so that I’m able to be thankful for my current state of being, with all its midnight drives and lovely times, but surrender myself to the inevitably of change and the immediacy at which I’ll need to accept adult responsibilities in the coming months.

I hope you all are well xx